Well ... that was Legally Blonde - The Musical

Legally Blonde – Review by Stage Whispers

Music and lyrics by Laurence O’Keefe and Neil Benjamin. Book by Heather Hatch. Launceston Musical Society. Princess Theatre, Launceston. Director: Andy Allison 2 – 5 September 2015

Oh to be young again, and Legally Blonde! The Launceston Musical Society was fortunate to have some wonderful performers to choose from for this charming, funny cute, and yes, ADORABLE, show. The show was tight and fast-paced, the cast well-drilled and energetic.

The ensemble/chorus work was excellent, and the entire cast was behind the pink-obsessed heroine, Elle, whose stamina is to be admired. Lead female Abbey Hansson was a good choice, with a terrific voice and good moves.

Andy Allison did a fantastic job of directing this large ensemble, and the pace and enthusiasm didn’t falter. Two dogs rivalled the gorgeous cast for the Ooh! Ahh! Aww shucks! factor. 

Fantastic choreography from Trista Zammit and Matthew Johns was at times so busy that it was difficult to know where to look next. Standouts numbers were the Irish dancing scene and Bend and Snap. The Whipped Into Shape routine, with Laurel Atkins (Brooke), Rod Beaver (Callahan) and the company was so good, fast and clever, that I wanted to yell out encore! and see the moves again.

Cast and Crew of Legally Blonde - The Musical

 Cast & Crew of Legally Blonde - The Musical

Matthew Tomlin is very young, but did a believable performance as the self-serving cad, (Warner Huntington 111) Elle’s love interest. Steve Thomas (Emmett) has a lovely voice, and beautifully cast as the-nice-guy-gets the girl. The whole production rocketed along, with laughs and energy and outstanding dancing. The chorus/ensemble was very well rehearsed, vibrant and energetic. The sorority sisters-cum-Greek-Chorus, led by Mikaela Campbell (Serena), Amelia White (Margot) and Charlotte Page (Pilar) gave lovely performances. Bonnie Cashion (Vivienne),  Kellie Constable (Paulette), Tash McCulloch (Enid) and George Abbott (Kyle) were classy and funny support characters.

Overall, the songs were a bit shrill and shriek-y, but perfectly in character, and some of the lyrics were a bit hard to understand, possibly an American-accent-thing. Music was good, costumes and lighting lovely, and sets and set changes slick and appropriate.  

This was a really good production, with a very talented young cast, many of whom were newcomers to the LMS, and well supported by the more experienced performers. A funny, cute, enjoyable show.

Merlene Abbott

Photographer: Greer Powell

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