Dusty - The Original Pop Diva Is Coming in June/July 2016

In the 1960’s Dusty Springfield took the entertainment world by storm with hit after hit, a top TV show and a legion of fans. This musical follows the emotional journey taken by Mary O’Brien, who was blessed with an amazing voice, her transformation into Dusty and follows the highs and lows of her life as a pop diva.  Our production's talented cast is listed below ...

Dusty Springfield: Jade Howard   Reno:  Katy Pakinga  Rodney/Neil Tennant:  Travis Hennessey   Peg: Fran Suitor  Mary O'Brien: Nikia Breen  Mr O'Brien:  James Bird  Russell Harty/Al Saxon/Ensemble: Lachlan Cassidy  Lynne/Ensemble: Georgia Clarke  Nevada/Backing Vocalist: Ashley Draper  Kay O'Brien: Lyndell Geeves  Policeman/Judge/Doctor/Announcer: Julius Godman  Tom/Terry Wogan: Ben Goss  Audio Technician/Ensemble: Rebecca Howard  Jean Rock/Ensemble: Kristen Landeg  Nevada/Backing Vocalist/Ensemble:  Tash McCulloch  Riss/Ensemble: Dana McNeill  Mike/Jerry Wexler/Ensemble: Billy Neville  Nevada/Backing Vocalist: Cherie Partridge  Drag Queen/Ensemble: Luke Wilson  Ensemble: Erin Worth  Dance Ensemble: Emily Greenhouse, Lily McGee, Mark Perkins

Country Club Tasmania Showroom 24 June - 2 July - Get Your Tickets here!