The Judy yates memorial award

Judy’s initial background was in dance but her love for all
things associated with performing has been instrumental in
establishing this Award. Judy was simply in love with the
stage. Judy relished seeing young performers “doing their
stuff” and was always an inspiration and full of
This Award is in her honour.

The Judy Yates Memorial Award was instigated by Dr Ian and Wendy Burr, Nashville, Tennessee and Mr Robin Yates, Judy's husband.  Wendy was Judy's counsin and life-long friend.

The winner of this Award will be announced every year if a Nominee is deemed worthy by the Trust. It is open to any young person under the age of 21 years, showing a passion and talent in their chosen field, who has been involved with the Launceston Musical Society and is a current financial member.  This Award can only be received once by the successful nominee.

The final assessment and associated considerations of the recipient will be left to the discretion of the Trustees.

Nominations are to be received by the Launceston Musical Society, on a Nomination Form, by 5pm on Friday 4 November, 2016.  Click here to download Nomination Form

A report is required to be submitted to the Trustees by the recipient of the Award, stating the proposed use of the scholarship, prior to the Award proceeds being made available.