A Message From the President:

Dear Members and Friends of the LMS,

It feels very remiss that it is April and this is our first newsletter for 2019, but let me assure you that the LMS has not been letting the grass grow under their feet. Following a very disappointing result
financially in 2018 - just not enough bums on seats - so disappointing as Spelling Bee was a delightfully surprising, entertaining and a quality production - the LMS has decided to consolidate and raise some much needed funds, with the aim to produce a full scale production in 2020.

It is, with much excitement, that we are offering two musical concerts this year. The first showcasing significant musical theatre songs - some old favourites and others we hope will become new favourites.
I am delighted to say that our cast, leads and ensemble are extremely strong. Add them to a talented MD, whizz choreographer, tech savvy sound and lighting and a professional sounding band. I must take a moment to sincerely thank our lovely friend Melissa Wimmer, who has generously allowed us to rehearse in her dance space.

We have been fundraising madly, having held two Bunnings Barbys since Christmas with two more scheduled in April. All offers of help greatly appreciated. We have been cleaning out the costume wardrobe and have made a little money along the way by attending two clothing markets.

But we pride ourselves in being a truly Community Conscious Society and as such, are inviting certain disadvantaged community groups to attend the matinee of our concert for free.

Unfortunately our current financial situation has meant that we need to reintroduce membership fees. Please consider joining up - every little bit helps! We have introduced a business level at $100 where businesses can
join, be advertised and receive two tickets to the show. Please note the membership structure outlined here

I look forward to filling the Scotch Oakburn auditorium and wowing you all with some pretty crazy talent.

Until then, ciao!

Yours in Theatre, Gina McKenzie, President.